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Part 1: Jokes

One Liners
Bumper Stickers
Short Jokes
Modern Revisions To Nursery Rimes
Work Vs Prison
Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) For 
Etch-A-Sketch Technical Support
Why Did Chicken Cross Road?
Doctor’s Daiquiri
Tests Show Beer Contains Female Hormones
70 Year Old George And God
My Grandmother Was A Card.
Spelling Checker
How To Write Good
Building A Resume
Amazing Anagrams
Proverb Simplification Exercise
Psychiatric Hotline
Stock Market Report
News Releases
Fat Jokes
Ugly Jokes
Bell Ringer
Lawyer’s Dictionary
Christmas Jokes
Medical Dictionary
Clinton At The Pearly Gates
Dumb Blonde Jokes
A Man And A Woman Talking In A Bar
The Ages Of Women
The Ages Of Man
The Genie
Cannibal Jokes.
The 15 Top Selling Shortest Books
Final Exam In Metaphysics
Knock, Knock
Corporate Lingo
World Leaders
Hi, My name is . . .
Tell Tale Signs That Your Company Switched To A Different Health Care Provider To Save Money
Ona Da Bus
Guide To Safe Fax
How To Satisfy A Women Every Time
How To Satisfy A Man Every Time
Confucius Says
Part 2: Riddles

General Riddles
Attorney Riddles
Halloween Riddles
Christmas Riddles
Clinton Riddles
Dumb Blonde Riddles
Riddles About Men (Written By Women)
Riddles About Women (Written By Men)
Cannibal Riddles
Puzzles and rebuses
Solutions to Puzzles and rebuses
























Part 3: Wisdom

Money Matters
The Compounding example
The Wealth Accumulation Chart
The Spending Chart
Money Saving
Free Internet Service
Travel Tips
Brand Names
Major Purchases
People Matters
Get And Stay Married
Health Matters
Miscellaneous Matters/ Goal Setting
Reasons To Own A Computer
Affirmations And Aphorisms
Books You Should Read.






















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