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ADDRESS FIXER- an on-line service that checks any address you highlight and makes any corrections required, such as when it should...

..have been a "Drive" and not an "Avenue," when an apartment or suite number is required for delivery or you've got the wrong zip code.

Ask any question and get an answer by e-mail from a human being.

Atomic Clock sync.  Set your PC's clock to the precisely correct official time.

Atomic Clock - shows time anywhere on earth and has numerous statistics that update in real-time. 
Backup unlimited PC data to a remote server to protect your PC files from a PC disaster for $59 per year. 

Bid for best prices on plane tickets, hotels and more.

Birthday (find out anyone's birthday).

Block telemarketing calls.  

Books- Amazon... and lots more stuff for sale, both new and used.

Books- Barnes and Noble.

Books- Books A Million.

Books- Finds the lowest price for a given book (including shipping) incredible.

Books- My publisher.

Books- see the authorís book at the Authorí den website.

Business- Bill Gates net worth page (fascinating!)

Business- Directory to business sites.

Business- home values. Type in any address in America, see what the house would sell for today, features of the house and satellite images of it.

Business- Hoovers: concise overviews of major companies.

Business- Kiplinger magazine.

Business- Quicken financial management.

Business- Stock quotes.

Buy things cheap on line. Most anything you can buy in a store you can buy cheaper on the Internet.,,,,

Catalogues- order mail order catalogues online.  

Computers- An e-mail enhancement that lets you send large files when the senderís or receiverís e-mail provider limits the size of attachments.

Consumer Action website that lists state consumer offices. 
Consumer alert- computer threats such as spam, identity theft, viruses, spyware, adware, phishing, hacking into your PC, etc are very common.  Find out how to protect yourself.

Consumer alert- Much of the info you receive from your friends emails is dead wrong.  To find out, check the "Urban Legends website."  If it sounds fishy, check it out here!

Consumer information.

Convert currencies.

Convert typed words to spoken words.  You type in some words, then a woman speaks the same words you typed in.

E-mail enhancement that lets you send large files when the senderís or receiverís e-mail provider limits the size of attachments.

Entertainment- Electronic greeting cards.

Entertainment- Lyrics: find out the words to any song.

Entertainment- Movie Reviews: thousands.

Entertainment- Reviews of the 100 best films.

Foreign Language courses, pronounces words for you on-line, no-cost: Spanish, French, Italian or German.

Free credit report. You are entitled to one per year from each of the 3 reporting agencies.  Get it to verify accuracy of the reports.  Note that they frequently contain mistakes.
Free, local classified ads.
Free publications from the federal government.  The consumer action handbook is especially recommended.

General Research- 100 best web sites, by professional raters.

General Research- a how to directory. 

General Research- Jacksonville Public library.

General Research- Library of Congress.

General Research- Maps.

General Research- On-line encyclopedia- Wikipedia (the largest reference website on the Internet).

General Research- On-line Library.

General Research- Pronouncing dictionary.

General Research- Reference desk.

General Research- Search the world's libraries.  Search for any book, videotape or DVD and see what libraries all over the country where it is located.

General Research- Table of contents of the web

General Research- US Post Office - find zip codes and postal rates.

General  Research- essential links.

Geography - test your geography IQ

God: The Interview with God.  An inspirational slide show with music.

Half price merchandise: Music/CDs, books, movies, games, etc.

How To Do (just about) Everything, Clear Instructions onÖ

How to videos - largest collection on the web. 


Check out some graphical programs I have provided including video clips, cartoons and executable programs.

Humor- Best of Late Night humor-

Jacksonville- downtown, a photo of the authorís home, with music-

Legal research.

Legal research.

Locate People or Businesses.

Locate People or Businesses.

Medical ID card for your wallet.  No cost.  Carry on your person for emergencies. You input the data.  Provides emergency contact persons and your physicians with phone numbers, your medicines, allergies, etc. for health care providers.

Optical illusions - a real cool website.

Personality test: based on the Myers-Briggs Personality type indicator - take a free T & F test, quick results, easy,  fun and informative.

Photos - share them as a slide show for free.

Politics - take a short quiz to see where you stand.  Are you a left wing liberal or a right wing conservative?

Product reviews- electronics & more, consumer advice.

Radio station for your PC.  Type in your favorite songs and/or artists. will custom build a radio station for you that will play songs that have similar characteristics to the songs and artists you have chosen.

Resetaurant reviews- the Urban Spoon 

Science: The size of our world compared graphically to the other members of our solar system and to other selected stars.

Shopping guide- Find where to get it.

Shopping: unbiased ratings of just about any product.

Space: The Galaxy song. Interesting facts about space sung in a website video. 

Spam is bulk unsolicited commercial e-mail. Since spam is illegal it is usually used to promote classic scams: like quick and/or easy ways to get rich, lose weight, get an unsecured credit card or erase accurate negative information from a credit record.

Donít reply to spam, instead send it to (The Federal Trade Commission).
Help minimize spam by reporting it to the ISP's that allow it:
Additional steps to take to help stamp out spam.

Statistics on any USA city.  Census and almanac type data on any city in the USA you want to know about.

 Technical stuff made simple by Lee Lefever.  
Very nicely done. Approximately 3 minute videos (you-tube style) on the following topics: Computer software,  Computer hardware,  Investing money,  Borrowing money,  Saving  money,  Phishing scams,  Web search strategies,  Electing a president,  Social media, Podcasting,  Twitter,  On-line photo sharing,  Blogs,  Zombies,  CFL light bulbs,  Social bookmarking,  Social networking,  Wikis,  RSS.
Toll free phone number directory.

Toll free phone numbers of major companies, and how to reach a human at those companies.

Top 10 web sites, classified and ranked.


Translate a block of text from one language to another language.  Paste text into this foreign language translator. By Yahoo.

Travel Bargains: Best

Travel Bargains: Cheap Tickets, Inc.

Travel Bargains: discounted air travel.

Travel Bargains: Kayak. Flights, rental cars, hotels, etc.  Shows you the best bargain from other sites.

Travel Bargains: popular Expecia site

Travel Bargains:

Travel Guide by Excite.

Travel: Fodorís mini-guides.

Travel: Make reservations.

Travel: Maps for any address.  Also directions between 2 points.
Google maps also shows a satellite image of the address.

Travel: My Travel co.

Travel: Travelerís ratings of hotels (the largest such site). 

Travel: Book top quality tours on Viator - they refer you to local operators.

Urban Legends website.  Check out the emails that you get to see if the information furnished is true or bogus.  If it sounds fishy, check it out here!

Videography- Capture your wedding on video.

Weather report- anywhere.  

Web Browser- is a visual directory of the best sites on the web, listed by categories, where you click on icons/logos to view the sites.

Web Browser- search the web by topic, and select images, audio, video.

Web Browser- search the web by topic.  Open Directory Project (the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web).

Web Browser- searches several at once (meta search engines).

Web Browser- top ranked directory - search the web by topic. An alternative to Google.

Web Browser- top ranked search engine. Use the advanced search page as your home page and avoid having to put quotes around phrases you search for.

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