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Things Roger recommends…

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Here are things I recommend.  If you have any cool stuff to add to this list, submit it and if I like it too, I will add it to my list. 

Recommended products, vendors and services: 

Buy things cheap on line. Most anything you can buy in a store you can buy cheaper on the Internet.  Here are my favorite sites for buying things cheap:,,,,

Consumer alert regarding the e-mails you get- Much, if not most of the information you receive from your friends e-mails is dead wrong.  An unfortunate, but true fact is: there are a lot of folks out there who make up hoaxes as a prank; and very few people who ever check out what they forward on.  Don’t just forward this junk on.  To find out if the information you received is correct, check the "Urban Legends website."  If it sounds fishy, check it out! The people who receive e-mail from you will be grateful.  Please bookmark this website in your favorites folder, so you can easily find it and use it! 

Consumer alert for homeowners regarding insurance.  A Jacksonville author, Mark Goldwich, has written a book called Uncovered, which uncovers the many ploys insurance companies use to maximize their profits at your expense.  Every homeowner needs to read this.  Check out his website at:

Rid your life of time-wasting junk – no cost services--

Controlling spam- Spam is unsolicited commercial e-mails, sent out in bulk.  Never reply to a spammer- that will verify the validity of your e-mail address and result in your getting more (not less) spam.  Never post your real e-mail address (the one you actually check for incoming messages) anywhere on the web.  If you do, spammers, will definitely pick up your address with software that requires little or no effort on their part, and the spam you will get will multiply.  Report spammers to: and/or and/or Most Spam control software programs just result in putting suspected spam files in a separate folder, but since they sometimes put stuff you want in the spam folder and sometimes leave spam in your inbox, such programs are not very helpful.  Some e-mail services, such as Earthlink, ask any senders not on your approved list to read a graphic, rather than text message and ask the sender to copy it into a blank  (automated programs often used by spammers can’t do this) and then send you a request to be added to your approved list.  This seems to me like a fairly good approach.  One effective method is to change your e-mail address to another address, when the volume of spam you are getting is too high; close out the old address, and notify the people you want to correspond with of your new address.  That’s a pain in the butt, but effective.  For a more complete article on my thoughts on this subject, see the following web page: 

APC Backup Power Supply- This product has been vastly improved lately.  Make sure you get the edition with PowerChute software.  With the new edition, you can turn off that annoying chirping noise that use to wake you up in the middle of the night when the power went out; and also the new edition shuts down your PC when the power goes out.  This is far better than the old model that only kept your PC running as long as the battery lasted and then caused your PC to shut down improperly, defeating the purpose of the unit.   Under the old model you had to be available next to your PC and have the presence of mind to shut down your PC when the power went out.     

Tivo- It will cost you about $70-$100, depending on the model you choose and $10-$20 per month for the programming, but it will change the way you watch TV.  This VCR size box records programs onto a hard disk drive.  You will never have to rewind again.  You can pre-choose what you watch by spelling out the program name, if you know it, or picking categories and sub-categories of programs, if you just want to browse.  You can watch the start of a program you are recording, while the tail end of it is still recording.  So much better than a videotape recorder!!!


2-For-1 Dining.  Entertainment Publications offers Two-for-One dinners in major U.S. cities.  It pays for itself anytime you would use it four or more times.  To order local or out-of-town editions, call 1-800-374-4464 or visit 

Floss picks- Choose Plackers Whitening Twin Line Dental Flossers.  Why?: 2 floss strings to catch more gunk, whitening for whiter teeth, easier to use that string floss, doesn’t break and slides between tight teeth easily. 

CVS dissolving (teeth) whitening strips-  Compared to Crest strips, these strips are less flimsy/ more firm and therefore don't stick onto themselves, they adhere to your teeth far better; AND they dissolve completely in about 5-7 minutes, leaving no messy residue or plastic film to have to discard. On size strip (larger than Crest's) fits both upper and lower teeth. The active ingredients are the same as Crest, but the cost is about half the cost of Crest.  

HP Hood Carb Countdown Fat Free Milk (If you need to lose weight).  Significantly less calories, fat and carbohydrates than other milk alternatives.  Tastes like regular milk to me.  Look for a green carton.  Available at Publix and Wal-Mart, but not Winn Dixie.   



Videography- Capture your wedding on video.  If you are getting married, be sure to use the best wedding videographer in Jacksonville, the one I used: John Malinka.

Car buying consultant.  I met Jim Chapman at the Chamber of Commerce.  If you need to buy a car (new or used), he will assist you and promise you that he can save you more money on the purchase than the fee he charges.  I haven’t used this service myself, yet, but it sounds to me like a good idea. 

Home PC repairs- If you need your PC repaired; call Wayne Hudson, a guy I met at the Chamber of Commerce.  He will come out to your home to fix your PC for just $25 per hour.  No one beats that price.  Call 861-2353 x 105 (office); mobile/cell: 540-1617.  His e-mail address is
Printer repairs.  If you need computer printer repairs, call Anderson’s Laser Services at 886-2930 (office); mobile/cell: 219-9851.  Olaf Anderson will come to your place and fix your printer. 

Web site design- Would you like to have a simple website designed for you for a one-time charge of $50.  I do that now.  Check out my website about this:  

The Coastal Trading Post. If you want to sell something locally, and not have to pay for shipping, check this out.   Website:, Phone number: 389-7678, e-mail  

Chamblin Bookmine. By far the largest used book store in Jacksonville.  You will be amazed by how big it is.  4551 Roosevelt Blvd.

Enza’s Restaurant, for outstanding Italian food in the Mandarin area.  Order the Chicken Francece.  Located in Mandarin Landing shopping center, 10601 San Jose Blvd, between the former Publix location and the Office Depot. 

O’Steens Seafood Restaurant, in St. Augustine..  For the best tasting fried shrimp on the planet earth, and outstanding side items, check out this place.  Expect a long wait during prime dining hours.  Cross over the Bridge of Lions, and then look on the right side of the road.  Definitely order the fried shrimp! 

Laser eye surgery— quick, easy and worth the cost— Less than perfect vision?  Laser eye surgery is the way to go!  It is incredibly brief and completely painless.  Check your yellow pages under optometry or your web browser, using the word "lasik."  I used Dr. Jerry Maida, who was fantastic.   

Financial Planner- Herrald Jonkers.  One of the nicest people to deal with that I have met at the Chamber of Commerce.  Phone:  448-2743 x108. 

Real Estate- Jamie Walker is the most knowledgeable person in the field of real estate I have ever met. I have done several transactions with him.  He holds the designations of CRS, ABR, and GRI.  In the state of Florida less than 5% of real estate agents have earned all three.  Phone: 268-6700.

Insurance adjusting. If you are ever the victim of a natural disaster or are ever ripped of by an insurance company, contact Mark Goldwich

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