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Chamber of Commerce function of 10/23/08 at Avistele Apts:

Robert Wood, Deborah Eveson, Olivier Villard.

Mike Newton

Paul Hulsey, Lisa Sawyer

Dawn Brown, John Bryan

Darryl Bassham, George Partin

Photos from Chamber of Commerce event of: 4/8/2008

Beverly Brinn (3 Sisters Chocolate Co), Larry Marscheck (Marsheck Advisory Group), Donald  Beckstrom ("D" Signs & More)

Annie Banks (Lees Chicken), Maddy Ratz (Dusty’s Better Built Transmissions & Auto Repair), Jen Errair  (Admin 911),  Larry Marscheck (Marsheck Advisory Group)

Bridgett Jones (The Chamber), Annie Banks (Lees Chicken), Maddy Ratz (Dusty’s Better Built Transmissions & Auto Repair),  Jen Errair (Admin 911), Larry Marscheck (Marsheck Advisory Group).

Jeannie Caussen (Regions Bank), Larry Levy (LevyNet)

Ken Spinella (Costco), Steve Carey (Eco Quest), Donald  Beckstrom ("D" Signs & More)

Sally James (Times Grill),  Maddy Ratz (Dusty’s Better Built Transmissions & Auto Repair), Megan Twiner (Daytona 500)

Ken Smith (Insurance), Frank Wallmeyer (Safeguard Business Systems),  Bill Morrison (Balboa Consulting)

Beverly Brinn (3 Sisters Chocolate Co), Jeannie Caussen (Regions Bank), Laura Lancaster (Vystar), Susan Johnson (Kelly Services), Tom Demaio (TJD Marketing/ The Health Umbrella)

Larry MaGennis birthday party of June 9, 2007

 Regina’s house party of June 2, 2007

 Mandarin Council breakfast- May 24, 2007

Dr. Peter Adams, Frank Woodard, Chuck Petruska

Mandarin Council breakfast- March 22, 2007

Tom Vermilya (Corporate Technology Solutions) and Deborah Miller (First Atlantic Bank)

Mandarin Council breakfast - December 14, 2006

Jeanne, Caussin (AmSouth Bank), Tracine Barry (DiscoverTec)

Tracine Barry (DiscoverTec), Tony Paolucci, (Learn to Dance)

Keri Henderson (J. P. Perry Insurance, Inc.), Rita Story (Junior Achievement), Stephen Crossland (MIRI)

Private lunch @ Sticky Fingers, December 8, 2006

Drew Rinzivillo and Winston McIntyre.

November 18, 2006: Chamber of Commerce, Mandarin Council’s Chili Cook-off @ Riverplace Shopping Center.

Robert Wood, Dean of Dept. of Continuing Education @ University of North Florida.

Rita Story (Junior Achievement) and Rick Story (Sales)

November 16, 2006: Chamber After Hours @ Berkman Plaza.

Bobbi Prieto, the Chamber, and Dot Wilder, Jazz singer.

Nadia Khorsandian and Glenn Boyles (both of GHI Enterprises, Inc);

Luke Weaver and Shannon Beal (both of Clem Cards)

November 1, 2006: Southside Businessmen’s Club Trade show at the San Jose Country Club

Randolph’s Halloween Party 2006

Your hosts, Randy and Cheryl Randolph

Johanna & Larry Magennis

Marcie Turner and John DeNys

Mary & Bruce Foraker

Michelle and David Burdette

Ronny & Deera Allen (Friends of John Bay)

Roger & Sally Kuder

Misc scenes at the party:

October 26, 2006 Chamber After Hours

Patty Bryant and Jane Terrell, both with Coldwell Banker Real estate in Atlantic Beach.

Mandarin Council breakfast October 26, 2006

Gary Sass, AdLib Luxury Tours and Transportation

Mandarin Council Luncheon at Mediterrania Restaurant - October 12, 2006

Crystal Draper (Esquire Title & Trust, Inc.), Frank Woodard (retired)

Lunch @ Steak & Ale - October 11, 2006

Tim Stophel (CPA), Drew Rinzivillo (CPA), Winston MacIntyre (MacMac Investments) , Wayne Hudson (Efficinet)

Corky Urban (Becker Distributors), Larry McLeod (RN), Randy Graves (Access Limited).

September 28, 2006, Chamber After Hours

John Denys (retired) and Doug Wilder (Wilder Business Systems)

Sally Kuder and Johanna MaGennis (both retired)

September 28, 2006, Mandarin Council, Chamber of Commerce.

Dennis Hill and wife, the Shiloh Group, Insurance

September 15, 2006, Lunch at Steak and Ale

Randy Graves, Dave Burdette, Bill Johnson

Roger Kuder, Tim Stophel, Wayne Hudson

Wayne Hudson, George Partin

September 14, 2006

Sean McNeil, Loan Consultant, American Home Mortgage

Steven Sears, president of Pisces Services

September 4, 2006 -Regina’s Labor Day party.

Regina Sooey, Ginger French, John TenBroeck, Suzanne Stormes

September 2, 2006 – Dinner at Mimis Cafe

Derby & Ann Ulloa (Derby is the illustrator of my book).

September 1, 2006 – Private lunch at Mama Fu’s

Jamie Docster, Herrald Jonkers (financial planners) and David Burdette (human resources consultant)

August 24, 2006 – Chamber After Hours


Kristen Wingfield (CompUSA), Mark Addington (attorney), and Barry Krawchuk (CompUSA).

Johanna Magennis, Larry Magennis (both retired) and Eric Magennis (Microbial Masters)

The Dinner Party Group -  August 12, 2006

Bruce Fouraker (banker) and Mary Fouraker (Pearson Educational Measurements)

Barbara Wells (retired) and David Wells (Convergys)

John Huggin (retired) & Sandy McMichael (educational system seminars)

Randy Randolph (12 0’Clock High) and Cheryl Randolph (Bank of America)

Elaine Bay (librarian) & John Bay (insurance sales), John DeNys (retired) and Marcie Turner (Psychologist).

Roger and Sally Kuder (not taken at the party, because I was the photographer.

Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Mandarin Council luncheon, 8/10/2006

Robert LaBerge, Jr, CLU, President, Financial Planner, National Financial Resources.

Larry Levy, CEO of LevyNet, an IT company.

Judy Perry and Martie Thompson, RT Publishing, Inc, Publishers of the Creekline, the Ocean Breeze and the Mandarin News Line.

Weight loss consultant.

Rob Fisher, Solantic.

Dr. Peter Adams, Life Mission Chiropractic, and

Jim Chapman, Smarter Car Buyers.

Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, new member luncheon, 8/1/2006

Spencer Whiting, management executive.

Thomas Farrell, Attorney.

Emily Perkins, Blue Dog Communications

Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Mandarin Council 7/27/2006

Janice Meisel and Greg O’Lone.

Stephen Crossland, Medical Instrumentation Repair Inc.

Bobbi Prieto, the Chamber, Nikos Dimitrakopoulos,  Mediterrania Restaurant; and Dallas Brenneise (AAA Insurance Agency and Candy Bouquet).

Karen Mathis, Times Union;   Helen Hyatt, New Neighbors.

Dan Walinski, Judge candidate.

Williamsburg Travel.

Chuck Petruska, Innovative Business Solutions.

Bobbi Prieto, the chamber.