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Roger Kuder was born 1948 in Jacksonville, Florida. He received his MBA from the University of North Florida in 1977. He spent 23 years in a civil service career with the Federal Government, and retired from that career in 1998. During his career he was also successful in real estate and stock investing. All along, he felt that humor is the spice of life and collected the jokes and riddles in this book over approximately 30 years. He has appeared in many book signing eventsSee newspaper clippings.  Roger is married to Sally, has no children of his own but a wonderful stepson and wife and lives in Jacksonville, FL. 

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A poem I wrote about my book and website:

Everyone needs a little humor in their life,
Whether you are a husband, son, daughter or a wife,
You also get advice that is very savvy and wise,
A lot of great reading for your two little eyes.
So, don’t delay buying this book, that would be a shame,
You will miss the great humor and your life will be the same.
To buy it is easy, just log onto the Internet,
Type in, a web name you can remember, I’ll bet.
Buy at least a dozen copies, the extras to give away,
To your friends, clients and relatives, it will sure make their day.